Fresh oyster from Hokkaido (1 pc) 1,200
Deep fried breaded oyster 1,500
from Hokkaido (1 pc)
Fresh oyster topped with jelly 1,300
from Hokkaido (1 pc)
Chilled simmered octopus 1,000
Fresh whelk and 1,500
 wild watercress namul
Chilled Hamaguri clam soup 2,400
Soft cod roe with ponzu 2,400
Crown daisy leaves 1,000
        seasoned with fish broth
Deep fried ginkgo nuts 950
Fresh various fruit with tofu puree 950
Steamed abalone with liver sauce 3,300
Potato salad with smoked cheese 850
Horsehair crab and sea urchin 3,500
                       with jelly
Coriander 950
     seasoned with fish broth
Fresh wild watercress salad 1,000
         with soft boiled egg
Chef’s special appetizer plate 3,500
Filefish, salmon roe, cuttlefish and 3,900
        sea urchin with liver sauce
Horsehair crab and sea urchin 3,800
                 with salmon roe
Steamed abalone and 4,200
  sea urchin with liver sauce
Fresh cuttlefish with ponzu 3,300
Grilled superior kelp grouper 4,900
            around the gill (1 pc)
Fresh tuna from Aomori 3,500
Fresh Japanese amberjack 1,500
with grated spicy daikon radish
Fresh filefish with liver sauce 2,400
Fresh superior kelp grouper 2,800
Fresh pacific saury with liver sauce 1,500
Assorted Sashimi
3 Sashimi 3,500
4 Sashimi 4,200
5 Sashimi 4,900
Variety with Cabbage miso
Grilled rich taste 900 Grilled turnip 750
Grilled onion 800 Grilled eggplant 800
Grilled Manganji 800
green pepper
Chef’s special assorted 2,500
      grilled vegetables plate
Grilled, Deep fried, Simmered
Stir-fried eggplant 1,200
   in soy sauce and sugar
Grilled superior rosy seabass 4,000
Grilled pacific saury 1,800
      with liver sauce
Grilled superior kelp grouper 3,500
Grilled eel confit 2,800
   with bitter melon miso
Various mushroom and 1,400
       seaweed laver tempura
Deep fried breaded 1,400
   lotus root paste
Deep fried breaded soft cod roe 3,000
Deep fried breaded 1,200
     boned sweet fish
Deep fried Shishamo smelt 2,000
Steamed superior kelp grouper 3,900
Abalone gratin 3,000
with grated Chinese yam
Akagi beef
Beef rump steak 3,600
Stewed beef chuck flap with ponzu 3,000
Beef chuck flap steak 3,500
Chilled roasted beef 3,000
Pot dishes
Onogi’s signature 3,500
Pot rice with Lobsters
Pot rice with Japanese pepper 2,600
and Akagi beef chuck flap
Pot rice with wasabi leaves 1,800
       and boiled baby sardines
Pot rice with salmon roe, clams 2,400
and boiled baby sardines
Pot rice with pickled ginger 2,500
and Akagi beef tendon
Pot rice with pacific saury 2,400
and pickled ginger
Pot rice with chicken neck 2,200
and various mushroom
Pot rice with perilla 2,600
and fatty tuna from Aomori
Pot rice with horsehair crab 3,000
and ginkgo nuts
Pot rice with kelp grouper 3,000
             and salmon roe
Pot rice with Matsutake mushroom 3,800
Kelp grouper broth soup  (1 cup) 1,000
Miso soup (1 cup) 600
Japanese-style pickles 650
Small chestnut pudding 500
Frozen apple with lemon ginger jelly 750
Apricot kernel sherbet 750
Green tea ice cream 750
with Monaka wafers
Chef’s special dessert plate 1,600

Omakase Course 7,500  
Omakase Course 9,500   Omakase Course Special 12,000